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CFSM - Citizens for Social Morality

At the CFSM, our goal is to expose and prevent the unwarranted abduction of children from their parents by the government. All over the world, governments are exploiting the poor and uninformed, taking their children away, and then farming them out, into the foster care markets.

In going forward with our promise, to help STOP abuse, today we launch the opening salvo from this website, and as designated in our phased III initiative, “entitled”, operation ETA-End the Abuse, “real” & “business”. Yes, ETA, and right about now you may be asking yourself, now where did this idea come from? This my friends, is further clarified following the home page, so let’s continue on. That is, here at CFSM, we address the issue of “child abuse, protection” and “family rights”. And, as is the case in other advocate groups, and or, organizations, we are here and to serve a specific purpose, a “greater good”. Oh yes, there is a “mission” of sorts, we do have certain “goals” in mind, and there is most definitely, a regimented, predetermined set of ideals and as well, ”a platform”. Although, as to what that entails, and in so far as being more specific, or for now anyway, we’ll just be taking a wait and see attitude. That said, however, and at this juncture, we do remain cautiously optimistic, and further, when all is said and done, ETA “shall”come to fruition, though much sooner, rather than later. You can bank on it. But then, and in this context, what are some of our intentions? Maybe putting “real”abuse, back into the forefront of the “protection” issue? Pushing back this, the “business” side, the “supply”side, of C.Pro-tec-tion? By sending the C.P. in CAPTA, back to square one, as in fix, repair, replace, or “whatever”. Maybe, even show this, for the self-destructive, legalized mechanism of “punitiveactions, that it truly is? “This”, as the federalized birthplace, of “our” acknowledgment of “abuse”, per say. Where the, “biz‘nes” portion, became consummated into law? Sorry, but it was “BS” then, and still remains as such. As folks, what we really got out of this “garbage” legislation, and at the end of the day, can hardly be termed, “protection”. Now that’s, a “stretch”. As well, forget about the criteria, “child(ren)’s best interests”, cause that ain’t gettin’ served here, either! Probable cause, equal justice, reasonable efforts, foster “funding streams”, adoption bonuses? “Neglect codified”, as the one size fits all formula for removal? Better yet, let’s just refer to it as, say, a “fraternity of quid pro quo case management”. All of it, all “lost in a quagmire of plenty of questions and noteworthy solutions, but yet, diluted in the toilet of ready made answers”. That’s all folks! An “expose” of needless, unwarranted CPS abductions, all wrapped up nice and neat, like a “C.Protect styled burrito” filled with “----“. Codified by indignation, and by showing us the true mosaic, of how to fund a, this “welfare industry feeding frenzy”. Penal servitude of the “family unit”, being what it is.

Therefore, and if you have been, or are a “victim” of the child welfare system, we’d really appreciate hearing from you. All others, don’t be bashful, since we’ll certainly listen to you as well. Advice, opinion, criticisms, all of it tendered right here, at “Citizens for Social Morality”.

‘We’ would like to invite all advocates, organizations, other groups, lawyers, single individuals and/or, anyone for that matter, who wishes to join up with us, in these endeavors. Assist us in any way, shape or manner you so choose, or by joining in as a member of CFSM.

We’d love to add you to our growing list of child protective soldiers, fighting for the safety and welfare of all of the worlds’s children.

Interested in becoming a member?

For your convenience, you can either send an email, to CFSMDirectorETA@gmail.com, or in direct correspondence, and by mail, phone or fax, as provided below. FYI, if you would like us to post your opinion/communication to our Bulletin Board, “please let us know”, as we would be more than happy in doing so, unless otherwise specified. As all material content will be reviewed by the CFSM director and prior to any publication.

17135 Forest Eastpointe, MI 48021 / PH&FAX (586) 445-1695

Founder & Director, USA Co-Founder, Canadian Chapter
W. David Dunkelberger D.A. Sicheri, MD FRCPC

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